Artisan hazelnut cream in Venice

At our store you can find the exclusive hazelnut cream. Our artisanal cream is a unique product, made with selected ingredients and a manufacturing process that enhances the natural flavor of hazelnuts.

It is produced using only the best hazelnuts, coming from local and certified cultivations. Each hazelnut is carefully selected to ensure a rich and authentic flavour.

The hazelnuts are slowly toasted to enhance their aroma and then ground until a smooth and velvety cream is obtained.

This artisanal process, carried out with passion and dedication, preserves all the nutritional properties of hazelnuts, rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.Artisan hazelnut cream in Venice

One of the distinctive characteristics of our hazelnut cream is the absence of additives and preservatives. We believe in the purity of ingredients and the simplicity of traditional recipes. For this reason, our cream is made only with hazelnuts, organic cane sugar and a pinch of sea salt, without the addition of vegetable oils or hydrogenated fats.

The result is a genuine product, with an intense and natural flavour, which can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Sale of artisanal hazelnut cream in Venice

The versatility of our hazelnut cream makes it perfect for multiple uses in the kitchen. It is ideal for an energetic breakfast spread on a slice of toast, to enrich sweets and desserts, or as a special ingredient for the preparation of cakes and biscuits.

Its creamy consistency also makes it ideal as a topping for ice cream and yogurt, or simply enjoyed with a spoon for a tasty and healthy break.

Buying our artisan hazelnut cream means choosing a high quality product, made with love and respect for tradition.

 We invite all lovers of good food to try this delight and discover the pleasure of tasting an authentic and genuine product.

Discover now all the variations of our hazelnut cream and let yourself be conquered by its unique and irresistible flavour.


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