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Our farm is located in Itri and Castellonorato area, on a surface of 30 acres where are allocated 3.000 olive trees, the main part centuries old, all Itrana cultivar. Olives are grown, picked up and pressed in a mix of tradition and innovation, in Colline Pontine (Pontine Hills) area.

Olio extravergine d'oliva Itrana Monocultivar

Olio extravergine d'oliva Itrana Monocultivar

We introduce our Itranae and Maeta, our precious extra virgin monocultivar Itrana Olive oils. Produced by only one cultivar, they enhance a fruity flavor, lightly bitter and spicy with grass and green tomatoes notes.


Il golfo di Gaeta

Pontine Hills are developed from north to south in some 100 km, on a parallel line to Tyrrhenian sea. The last part is characterized by a particular sweetness, they face the sea with a peculiar micro-climate that permitted a great agricultural and touristic development.


About the company: interview to Enrico De Marco

After successful experiences in other areas what led you to farming ? Enrico De Marco: My childhood memories in Castellonorato refer to the centenarian olive trees and plants that stretched to the horizon, revealing the beautiful view of the sea and the Gulf of Gaeta . Over time, these landscapes have remained virtually unchanged , preserving the beauty of the breathtaking views that I remembered as a child. I belong to a family that has a long tradition in the world of olive growing: my uncles were producing oil, grandfather Antonio was in the countryside among olive trees all day and if you wanted to see him before sunset you had to go looking for him in the olive groves. He was in love with the land. Producing extra virgin olive oil means to regain the family roots and somehow make grandfather, from up there, is proud of me.

Which one is the potential in an area like Colline Pontine for the olives? Enrico De Marco: The territory of low – Lazio and little villages perched around Formia , Itri and Castellonorato are suited on olive growing since the days of the Roman Empire, making olive oil in this area is a tradition. The predominant cultivars here is Itrana , renowned for its excellent “Gaeta olive”, a phenomenal tableware olive, only recently the “industry” has noticed the potential of the olive oil, the recent national and international awards are lighting a spot on this’ excellence.

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Enrico De Marco

Enrico De Marco

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