Extra virgin olive oil Line Itranae

The extra virgin olive oil line “Itranae”, takes its name from the olive Itrana, also known as “Big One from Gaeta”, already celebrated by Virgilio. A monocultivar line of products with very low acidity, whose olives are harvested and selected by hand. The product responds to a growing need for excellence feeled by the food professionals and the most sensitive consumers.

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Itranae – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Itrana Monocultivar

The extra virgin olive oil “Itranae”, comes from olives of the Itrana variety picked and hand selected, also known as “Big One from Gaeta”. An extra virgin olive oil obtained from a monocultivar cultivation with low acidity, harvested and milled in late October and early November.
An outstanding product that knows how to surprise even the most refined palates. A particularly delicate oil with a soft fruity bouquet, which provides the nose scents of herbs and tomato with sweet almond, bitter and spicy are present in a harmonious and balanced way. It is ideal with soups, baked or marinated fish, delicate risottos.

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Colline Pontine DOP – Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Itranae

Itranae Colline Pontine DOP is an extra virgin oil with remarkable qualities that are making it unique, recognizable, suitable for several culinary uses and attuned to every palate. Oil less intense and pungent, with great balance, the hints of tomato and white apple are appealing the nose, while bitter and spicy are more delicate. Delicious on soups, risotto, carpaccio of meat and fish, boiled or raw vegetables, steak tartare, grilled fish.

Recognized in 2009, the olive oil DOP Colline Pontine area covers 23 municipalities in the province of Latina occupying the foothills and hills, one of the largest areas of Italy for homogeneity, with olive groves of about 13,000 hectares and 3 million plants, extended over 100 kilometers.

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Maeta – Extra virgin olive oil Mosto Itrana Monocultivar

Maeta is a newly oil with low acidity, bottled freshly pressed, unfiltered, so it still retains all the chlorophylls in the suspension of the just pressed olives. It is a valuable and unique product, which should be consumed within 3 months. Product from a monocultivar olive, it sports a strong aroma and fruity flavor, bitter and spicy are both present with green tomato and herbaceous notes.
The olives are picked and selected by hand and pressed between mid-October and mid-November, with an early harvest period compared to the canon, to ensure excellent quality and the highest polyphenol intake. It is an oil must for true gourmets in limited production, with numbered bottles packed by hand.

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