After successful experiences in other areas what led you to farming?

Enrico De Marco: My childhood memories in Castellonorato refer to the centenarian olive trees and plants that stretched to the horizon, revealing the beautiful view of the sea and the Gulf of Gaeta . Over time, these landscapes have remained virtually unchanged , preserving the beauty of the breathtaking views that I remembered as a child. I belong to a family that has a long tradition in the world of olive growing: my uncles were producing oil, grandfather Antonio was in the countryside among olive trees all day and if you wanted to see him before sunset you had to go looking for him in the olive groves. He was in love with the land. Producing extra virgin olive oil means to regain the family roots and somehow make grandfather, from up there , is proud of me.

Which one is the potential in an area like Colline Pontine for the olives?

Enrico De Marco: The territory of low – Lazio and little villages perched around Formia , Itri and Castellonorato are suited on olive growing since the days of the Roman Empire, making olive oil in this area is a tradition. The predominant cultivars here is Itrana , renowned for its excellent “Gaeta olive”, a phenomenal tableware olive, only recently the “industry” has noticed the potential of the olive oil, the recent national and international awards are lighting a spot on this’ excellence.

Which ones will be your goals on production?

Enrico De Marco: My goal is to produce a virgin at the highest level, for connoisseurs who enjoy gourmet pairings. To do so we opted for agricultural techniques respectful of the land and its natural productivity. We wanted to keep a manual selection of the olives on the milling phase, which is performed a few hours after the harvesting, within a latest generation continuous cycle oil mill, while maintaining under nitrogen the milled oil limiting to the maximum the contact with oxygen for prevent oxidation and deterioration of the oil.

All extra olive oil lovers are asking for a low acidity, few know that the human taste and smell are not able to get it on a sensory level, you have to refer to the laboratory analysis. To be classified as EVO may not exceed 0.80 of acidity , but the famous gastronomical guide “Gambero Rosso” esteems it as noteworthy if oil is below 0.30. “E’.D.Enrico” has an acidity of 0.16 in a really hard year. It ‘s an amazing product, suitable to accompany fish dishes, salads and bruschetta. We intend to maintain and improve the organoleptic characteristics and production of our oil, creating excellent products that are pairing quality with a sophisticated packaging. After Mosto Maeta we have created Itranae a line of extra virgin olive oil that is astounding for its harmonic taste and perfumes.

Who are those looking for and choosing your oil?

Enrico De Marco: The oil must be able to communicate feelings, must transmit the scents of the land it belongs to. While tasting “E’.D.Enrico” you can feel hints of tomato and green apple and a slight hint of hazelnut. I am sure that, by closing your eyes, you can also imagine the Gulf of Gaeta and the Pontine hills overlooking the sea. Those who buys “E’.D.Enrico” they do not just buy an excellent extra virgin olive oil, buy a sensory experience to be carefully savored. This is the philosophy behind the company, even our future “creations” will follow this mantra. Although we were born recently, there are already some chefs between our customers, who have requested our oil as soon as they tasted it. Connoisseurs of extra virgin, lovers of the excellence, but also enthusiastic and lovers of good food are choosing us, cause they are in search of authentic flavors, and also many tourists looking for a “piece of Italy” enclosed in a bottle of quality.

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